Poetry Corner

Witness Bold to Craving Souls

The souls of many men
Sought by predators in wait
Beset by sin’s heavy weight
Knowing not their eternal fate
Whether heaven or liars lake
Succumb to gods fake

Soul of woman and child
Not yet ready to die
Void in soul to satisfy
Cost often extremely high
Sin surrender very nigh
To all false gods, good-bye

O’ Christian, Saviour is nigh
Shout His word, cry loud, cry!

Souls of indigenous people
Yearning for prime real
Looking for the right deal
Not just a pleasure feel
Waiting for you to reveal
Treasure from His ‘Holy Seal’

They are craving souls
The young and the old
Searching for riches untold
Not consumed by evil mole
Yet, not an organized mold
But Christ, the model role

O, Christian, why withhold?
Witness loud, witness bold!


Change and Challenge

Fierce winds surely are churning
Erupting around our world
They move as Euroclydon
Blowing messages like a herald

          Strong winds of cultural change
Many transitions in worldview;
So much has become tsunami
Will transformation flow to the pews?

Yet, there is a supreme Force
It supersedes destructive wind,
Conceived as a gift to humanity
Born to redeem man from his sin

          Christ Jesus calms raging wind
Pure, Good news Mass He spoke;
Within this realm of planet dearth
He gives all people divine hope

Like a rushing, mighty wind
Holy Ghost fell on men of earth
A prophecy fulfilled by Elohim
To provide for our new birth

          Believers, you are commissioned!
          Sail high winds of reconciliation,
          Restore man’s spirit and soul
          Speak bold His gospel of salvation

Hail, our challenge in 2005
Help save much people alive!