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*Two or three photographs from several USA and international events are included in this mini presentation. More than 500 photographs are cataloged in labeled albums for your current viewing at our MARGM Headquarters.



Among its multifaceted functions and purposes, our headquarters maintains two distinct, permanent, historic collections from separate ministries.  Each organization was founded by E. Myron Noble.  With help from the Holy Ghost and various personnel, these representative exhibits include documents and artifacts denoting two sets of twenty-five years active service and counting.

Middle Atlantic Regional Gospel Music Festival (1072-1995) NYC, AFCOG was founded and organized under the auspices of a national U.S. denomination.  That reformation, downsized for many years, no longer functions nationally.  Items representing this collection – not website posted – are available for in-house display and review.

The Middle Atlantic Regional Gospel Ministries, Inc. (MARGM) is an independent ministry [corporation: 501(c) (3) – since it genesis].  A cadre of officers, both national and international lead it with volunteer support of faith partners and friends.  MARGM fulfills gospel ministry in the USA and several foreign countries.

 * * * Special Note * * *

This section, among others was developed and posted on our website during August 2012.  It is in response to many inquires seeking additional information about this ministry.  Although we have received countless queries over the years, our reply was often “come and see”.  Now, with your key touch ease, you may view informative, selected segments of our public ministry.  Share this opportunity with others!